Garden Clearance Service

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Garden Clearance Service

Sometimes gardens just get out of control. You might be moving into a new house, or be a landlord or a tenant, and need help getting to grips with your garden. Let us  take care of it, so that you can sit back and enjoy your garden.We will tackle overgrown gardens and get them back to a beautiful state, bag the garden waste up and take it away. Patio seen better days? We will give it a good clean up by clearing away any rubbish, sweeping and pressure washing cleaning. We can do the hard and messy bit for you – we dispose of all garden waste in an environmental and responsible manner. Our aim is to ensure your garden is a place of enjoyment and not a task that has to be done.
With laws becoming increasingly tight when it comes to garden waste a visit from us can save time and money if you have a lot of garden waste to throw away.


Our garden clearance services include:

  • cut hedges and bushes
  • lawn mowing
  • prune shrubs and bushes
  • cut back small trees
  • clear and clean patios, decking and driveways
  • take away all garden waste generated
  • take away any rubbish in the garden
  • bag and collect green garden waste you have gathered yourself



Once we’ve returned your garden to usable one, you will be left relieved to know that you can ensure your garden never has to get into that state again and can remain usable all year round for a fixed low cost, with our regular maintenance service. There’s no contract and you will never have to deal with a finding a gardener again. You will benefit from our competitive prices of our professionals, and enjoy efficient service that requires zero input from you and help you have an immaculate garden.


Nice gravel and decorative stones can contribute a great deal to the good look of your new garden. We will prepare the area by clearing all the weeds and leaves. After that we will level the area if necessary and lay anti-weed membrane. Gravel, mulch or bark will be spread on top to finish the job. We are able to provide gravel of your choice or we can suggest the best one for your garden. Leveling is crucial when it comes to decking, fencing, turfing or patio installation. You should seriously consider levelling the area before you start making any landscape improvements. Leveling will improve the foundation for the new turf and ensure all plant are thriving and growing strong and beautiful Maybe you need a new patio design, pathway to the shed, or even brand new decking because the old one is too grubby we will be happy to provide the service for you. Any material and size are within the skills of our trusty landscapers.

Ready to Refresh your garden?

Book you garden maintenance service now and enjoy your neat garden in a day or two

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