£872 Gardeners
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Garden Maintenance Service

We all love our gardens but not everyone has the time to take care of them. Book your garden maintenance service today!

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£872 Gardeners
for 2 Hours

Hedge Trimming Service

Having your hedges shaped makes massive difference

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Choosing My Gardening Services professionals

A great way of making sure that you are able to enjoy the kind of garden which you have always wanted. However, many people are still unsure of what exactly hiring in gardening professionals can do for them. If, like many others you are struggling to keep on top of your garden and it is beginning to look a little neglected, perhaps it’s time you hired a professional gardeners to get it back in shape so that you can enjoy your well maintained garden surroundings and relaxing atmosphere without wasting any of your free time and efforts.





When many people try to handle the gardening themselves, they quickly come up against a lack of knowledge and waste time and effort attempting to educate themselves. Looking after a garden requires a great deal of commitment, with even the smallest of gardens requiring several hours of outdoor labor each week to keep them in great shape. It can be tough to fit around a busy schedule and many people find that they are sacrificing the gardening to best fulfil work and social commitments. Hiring our professional gardeners releases you of this responsibility and provides you with more spare time to focus on the important things for you.


Gardening Services in

Comprehensive care for your garden looks and health.



    Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home with Our Gardening Services

    A tidy looking garden with healthy plants, mowed lawn and neatly trimmed hedges enhances the appearance of your home and conveys the right impression. In addition to maintaining the existing plants and layout of your garden, a our gardeners have the skills and creativity to help you make changes and improvements to the external areas and landscaping around your home to make your home look even more attractive and desirable.


    Proper Garden Maintenance saves you time and money

    Driveways, decking areas, paths and pergolas all require periodic maintenance to keep them looking their best. Our gardeners will ensure that all of these types of jobs are taken care of, extending the lifespan of the various materials and features in your external spaces. Furthermore – it is proven in our practice that having your garden maintained regularly requires less money spend for gardening services than putting in shape an overgrown and neglected garden.  Contact us for a Free Quote on our garden maintenance plans


    Gardening service with MyGardeningServices is an hourly based service

    Our professional gardeners in Aylesbury will be able to do as much as they can for the time booked. That is why we highly recommend that you prioritize your needs before we arrive, and once we arrive on site we will start the job immediately. We always send a team of two professional gardeners, coming fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to do any job no matter small or big.


    Ready to Refresh your garden?

    Book you garden maintenance service now and enjoy your neat garden in a day or two

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